Immigration obtains NC cards, orders clearing of piled-up IDs

The Director General of Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration, Lt. Gen Atem Marol Biar (photo: courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

The Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration yesterday (Wednesday) received 120,000 pieces of Nationality Certificate cards (NC), and promised to clear all piled-up documents waiting in the system within 4-days.

According to the Director General of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration (DCRNPI) Gen. Atem Marol Biar said seven thousands awaiting NC documents in the system will be printed so that they can start anew.

Lt. Gen Marol Biar – the boss of DCRNPI stated that for last two months his docket lack NC blank-cards but now they obtained great quantity and urged people to collect their documents next week.

“In my capacity as the head of this unit, I want to inform our people that yesterday [Tuesday] we have received 120,000 cards for National Certificate so we have them with us now,” Biar told journalists on Wednesday. 

“I think this is our first time to receive a big number like this, and I want to thank and appreciate members of the company Mauhlbauer for this wonderful job,” he added.

General Biar directed those responsible for warehouse to release seven thousand pieces of NC cards to enable printing department to clear out what was already the in-system.

“After 4-days, we request people who are having NC card in the system so that they [come and] receive [their] NC,” he requested.

He also added that about 60,000 passports and NC which were been printed since last year are now being displayed outside in the compound and urged people to come collect them.

“And if there are people outside the country, who processed their document and went to East Africa or Sudan, let them go to embassies. So, that they are registered and their names send to us, so that we identity their documents and send to them” Biar requested.

“The issue of passport up to now we don’t have a problem, yes, we have a very small number but within this month we will inform you about a good number of passport – we are going to receive a good number of passport” he assured.

However, some indignant citizens who processed documents stayed for months without getting their documents, said processing nationality or passport are granted only if you are sick or a student travelling aboard.

South Sudan halted issuance of Nationality Certificate Identification card and passport in 2020, after its German Technology provider shutdown the system over failure to pay accumulative bill of USD 6.9 million.

Government resumed issuance of regular passports and nationality on November 2021, after government through Ministry of Finance paid USD 3.4 million to the Germany firm, Mauhlbauer.

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