Torrential rain destroys over 5,000 households in Mvolo  

A school block standing in flash flood water in Yeri Payam of Mvolo County in Western Equatoria State (Photo/Courtesy)

By John Sylivestor Timba

Over five thousand households have reportedly been destroyed by torrential rain in Yeri Payam of Mvolo County in Western Equatoria State, a local official said.

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) Coordinator for Mvolo County, Wilson Dokada Koza told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone from Mvolo yesterday that the situation of the affected population in Yeri is worst.

The RRC coordinator said residents are now taking refuge at Yeri primary school, and church premises and most of their crops have been washed away by the heavy downpour.

“Yesterday I went to Yeri to see the situation of the people there I got most of the homes were destroyed by the heavy rainfall and many people were displaced from their houses and as  I am talking now many people are now staying in the school and others in the  Yeri Dioceses” Dokanda said.

The RRC coordinator called on the humanitarian partners to intervene to help the situation of the affected population by bringing drugs and temporary shelters for the displaced to live in since all their belongings have been submerged and washed away by the torrential rain in the Payam.

According to Dokada it is the third time in the history of Yeri that the area has been hit hard by torrential rains destroying settlements.

He said the first time Yeri was hit by such heavy rainfall was in 1973, the second in 2013 and now the third one is this year 2022 where more than twenty thousand people are living in waterlogged areas.

The locals said, efforts are underway to reach the bishop Yeri of Diocese John Abraham.

 In similarly natural calamity, hundreds of houses were earlier destroyed by heavy rainfall this year in Mundri west county Payams including 300 hundred household flooded in Kotobi Payam, Amadi, Kulundu and Mundri central Payam.

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