Hundreds healed by traditional bone healer in Mundri

Some of the patients being attended to by the traditional bone healer in Mundri of Western Equatoria State posed for a group photo (Photo: John Sylivestor)

By John Sylivestor

A man behind a traditional bone healing miracle in Greater Mundri of Western Equatoria State has distanced his treatment magic from being associated to witchcraft as perceived by some individuals.

According to the head of Madu-Ngama Charity Bone Healing center Youlia Koze, he had received the talents from Donya outside the town of Lui in the early 1950s when they were gathered for the church counsellor.

The traditional healer with his bone magic is believed to have healed hundreds of people both within and outside Mundri with the bone healer.

He revealed his extraordinary power of the Bone that heals people to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in an exclusive interview on Friday in Madu Boma under Lakamadi Payam of Mundri East County.

“I am not a witchcraft but it’s wishsdom that God has given to me to save the lives of people of South Sudan my blessings will come from God and my treatment is open for everyone who, his or her bone has got fractured, will heal,” Youlia Koze said.

The traditional healer has been known for his hospitality and traditional treatment for fractured bones.

Mr. Youlia said he offers services free of charge to the people without demanding any money from his patients but it’s out of the will of the (patient/s) to give whatever he/she wanted to offer.

“I as Youlia Koze have love for my people not money,” he said.

On his part, the information officer for Madu Ngama, Danister Ali appealed to well-wishers and the community of Greater Mundri to mobilize some resources that can help in constructing rooms for admitting the patients.

No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper spoke to some of the patients on their views about the treatment.

Mr. Kotiwo James, one of the patients said “I do not believe that I will walk again like this and thanks to Youlia for healing me and not me alone but many people some come from Juba, Lakes State and Greater Western Equatoria State.

For the last two months at least 500 people were believed to have been healed by the traditional bone healer in Madu Ngama Charitable healing center in Mundri East County of Western Equatoria State.

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