Government earmarks crude oil to pay salaries

John Agany Deng, Chairperson Standing Specialized Committee of Information, Telecommunication, and Postal Services and spokesperson of the National Assembly (File/Photo: Philip Buda ladu)

By Mary Poni

The government has decided to allocate crude oil as a source of income to generate salaries for the civil servants.

“I don’t think the gov’t will be having any excuse to delay for more than one month to implement it,” said John Agany Deng, in an inclusive phone interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Saturday. 

Agany said restructuring of the salaries for the civil servants will not take long since the budget has been approved.

He noted that this kind of scenario has been going on for six months now and the whole population accepted it and they are well informed.

There is no technical work that can be done overnight, saying the committee responsible would have done the restructuring within the six months.

He assured that if the restructuring is taking much time, it would be likely one to two weeks because it’s already being calculated.

The budget is not to be paid for individuals but rather to consider grades in which it has to start with grate 17.

“We are going to propose that the salary of a cleaner must afford to buy a sack of sorghum. I am always advising our people to be patient because it is a technical work which requires time hence, we are struggling to fix things in place such that we will not be held back in the future to re-do it again” Agany said.

The restructuring of civil servant’s salaries will not take more than two weeks. Hence, the sources to generate the income include the crude oil which was decided by the government and the offices.

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