Bedouin hotel killing: Police investigator presents findings to court

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The police investigator, Samuel Lakage in the murder case of Juba’s Bedouin hotel shooting has yesterday, presented his findings and evidence from the scene during the first hearing at the Juba High Court.

Samuel Lakage submitted his findings to the Court presided over by Judge Alexandra Soka.  

The police findings were containing the obtained information that were gathered from the scene of the crime and other required information by the court.

Samuel submitted two death Certificates of the late Rebecca Annout, wife to the accused husband and her friend Akech Atak, including their photos taken from the scene of the crime (pictures of their dead bodies).

He also submitted an Israeli gun belonging to Longar, with 11 rounds of live bullets and four used bullets from the scene.

Prosecutor Samuel also submitted the tangible evidence he has collected from the scene of the crime with devise investigation plan.

During the first court hearing, investigator Lakage read the written statement taken from the first suspect Longar who admitted that they had some misunderstanding with his late wife leading to the horrible incident of her death.

The accused cited that there were moments when the wife would leave the house and return home late.

Longar told the investigator in his statement that he had then advised his late wife to stop but to no adherence. He further accused his late wife of moving with women he didn’t want her to associate with, which he said to have told his wife to distance herself from mingling with them.

The accused told the investigator that the incident occurred when the wife had left for Yirol of Lakes State for funeral; he then alleged that the wife came back to Juba without letting him know that she was back.

“I and my friend went to Bedouin Hotel, it’s our usual place, I found the driver of my wife, while my wife was on phone by then,” he narrated.

Longar stated that he had earlier warned the deceased friend to his wife to stay away from his woman.

‘I told you several times to stop and that this, will cause you trouble,” he recounted the scenario, “while we were discussing my wife attacked me, while I was talking with Chris….. (Wife friend) I got angered, removed my gun and shot at Chris and by mistake the bullet hit my wife also in the process when she came in between,” Longar told the police investigator about the shooting.

James the second suspect told the police investigator that he is a friend to the first accused (Longar) saying they met in school, and he knew he was married but he doesn’t know the wife.

“We went using his car, he (Longar) was driving, we reached around 7 to 8 PM, me and Matai left Longar and Lueth behind, after sometimes, we heard sounds of gun bullets, afterward I ran to the scene and saw bodies but I didn’t know who they were, I didn’t know why Longar shot them, all I would tell people was Longar shot people, Longar shot people,” the second witness testified to the investigator.

However, when asked by the presiding Judge if the aforementioned statement were his, James responded that some are and while some are not.

Meanwhile, part of the third suspect and respondent Matai Ring also stated that they were friends with Longar, and he knew he was married but didn’t know that they had issues. “We are in the same apartment, he called me and we went to Lueth house using his car, we went and left the car and went ahead with James, Johnson and Longar, we left them, I heard the sound of gun being opened, I came back and got bodies down,” Ring, the third respondent stated.

However, after all the information where summited to the judge, the court hearing was adjourned to 15th of September for the next session.

Previously, Akok allegedly killed his wife Rebecca Anyon and a man identified as Akech Manut in June when he found them seated together at a pub in Juba.

He also shot another woman, who was left fighting for her life according to the police.

Following the deadly incident, Akok is said to have handed himself over to the Malakia Police Station. The motive of the killing is unknown.

Following police investigation, the suspected culprit was transferred to the court and charged with premeditated murder, possession of a weapon, and serious harm according to 2008 South Sudan Penal Act.

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