State government cautions land grabbers

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony and prominent figures in a group photo-Courtesy

By Bida Elly David

The government of Central Equatoria State has showed commitment to end issues regarding cattle rustling and land grabbing as well as cautioned land grabbers to halt the act and embark on legal procedures of acquisition for right of ownership.

This development arose during a cross-sectional meeting between the governor of Central Equatoria State and a group of prominent elders and politicians hailing from Juba County.

Central Equatoria State has been a state among others that were affected by inter-communal conflicts, cattle and land grabbing issues. Land grabbing activities have so far created (planted) hatred and distrust among the society as the weak failed to battle the rich in defense of his/her property.

Despite of the calamities, the government of Central Equatoria State has managed to speed up with the land bill to ensure quick enforcement of the law against violators since many citizens have lost lives and displaced from their vicinities.

The meeting discussed comprehensive issues which included the passive impediments caused by the State predominant cattle rustling and illegal land grabbing issues that have been practiced by some grabbers who dictated upon legal procedures of acquiring land title deeds.

The meeting was attended by the State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies to the Revitalized Central Equatoria State government (R-CESG) Moro Isaac Jenesio.

The leaders appreciated Governor Adil for having initiated the noble call and agreed to use their position of influence within their respected communities to expand stakeholders’ engagement to foster unity for the common purpose among the citizens of the State.

Furthermore, they denounced any political divisions that are intrinsic hitches to the realization of the people’s aspirations in the current political arena.

At the same note the meeting suggested a monthly evaluation meeting to contemplate on some of the key devastating matters for example the alarming cattle and land disputes confronting the leadership of the State to come up with amicable solutions to remedy the constraints.

In addition, the leaders affirmed their commitment to expeditiously work in collaboration with the State government towards addressing some of the issues hindering the leadership especially the areas of implementing strategic pillars for peace among people and the authority. In continuation, the meeting further recommended the need to expedite public demand from Juba County on a swift expansion of its County into more as the stakeholders would later sit for further deliberation which will determine the demand of the people.       

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