Don’t sanction but cure the disease – Puot

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Minister of Petroleum Puot Kang Chol has urged the UN Security Council (UNSC) to cure the disease or what they think is wrong in South Sudan other than only imposing sanctions against the country.

‘Just like giving Panadol to a person who is supposed to be diagnosed of Malaria, instead of giving the patient Malaria tablet’ he cited.

Minister Puot Kang was speaking during the Oil and Gas conference in Juba yesterday.

“If we (South Sudanese) are helped to bring permanent peace to the Republic of South Sudan, then this government will not ask somebody to come and take care of our own people, therefore, instead of you serving the Refugees and the IDPs, it would be important for you to help us implement the agreement in letter and spirit,” he said.

The Petroleum Minister hinted that the UN should help them implement the peace agreement in letter and spirit so that South Sudan can stand on her feet, and take care of her people.

He stressed that United Nations should focus most on diagnosing the sickness but not giving pain killers only without addressing the underlying problem.

“When you give me Panadol…..it will not cure malaria, you will only deal with the symptom, will take fever for four hours,… and  I ask for another Panadol but if you give me Malaria tablets,….it will take it, I will be cured, .. So help us cure what you think is wrong here,” he appealed.

 “Concerning sanction I want to say something about it, the future of South Sudan does not belong to us who are on this stage, the future of South Sudan belongs to the children playing football on the street” Kang continued.

“Their future cannot be tarnished because of our own mistake, they have great future and whatever we do, we must put them into consideration” the minister reiterated.

“I have been telling those who sanction us over and over again, that when you continue to sanction us and you are not helping us to solve our internal crisis, you will not be helping the situation… currently the world is taking care of our Refugees, the world is taking care of IDPs” he added.

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