Nagero County reconnected to MTN mobile network

By Alex Digi

Residents of Nagero County of Western Equatoria State are jubilant after being reconnected back to the global village world of technology as the South African giant Mobile Telecommunications Network MTN restore its connectivity in the area on Wednesday.

Speaking to No.1 Citizens Daily Newspaper from Nagero, one of the citizens who are already enjoying connecting to the loved ones through the mobile telecom service Mr. Alphonse Yiviso said the area is now connected though not fully as before.

“As I talk now, you can see that I am using mobile phone, meaning we have network currently in Nagero, I have tried several people in Tambura, Wau and Juba, I was able to talk to them, so the only problem is the network is not like before, it is only Antenna of Zomoi which is operating others including the one in Nagero Centre is not working, but I heard MTN engineers are on the way coming to restore them,” said Yiviso.

He however appealed to the local authorities to provide security for the network towers citing it is helping them connect to their families worldwide.

“We really appreciate MTN company for bringing back to us the network, I am appealing to the county authority to protect the network, so that we can keep connected to our relatives in different places,” he said “living without network is like being in the prison, you cannot get information from other places.”

The South African giant Mobile Telecom company MTN is one of the major mobile networks in the Country connecting many parts of South Sudan, but due to the conflict in the Country many of the areas affected were disconnected by the mobile company services as its networks antennas were vandalized.

Nagero County lost the MTN mobile network connectivity in 2017 during the conflict between the Government troops (SSPDF) and the then SPLM/A-IO rebel forces in the area. Of recent Nagero County uses NGO’s WIFI for the Health Programs provided by World Vision and Ring Radio Call to communicate with people.

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