Crimes reduce in Yei River County

John Feisal, the acting police inspector for Yei River County (Photo: James Innocent)

By James Innocent

The local authorities of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State have confirmed reduction of crimes compared to those years back since the 2016 conflicts in South Sudan where many cases have been happening.

The acting police inspector of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State Feisal John says nowadays crimes have reduced and he urged partners to provide training to local communities in order to avoid crimes.

He says, “Nowadays as I see the rates of crimes have really reduced in town despite the issues of groups known as Niggers or Torontos as we heard of those ones in Juba and I appeal to the partners around Yei to at least provide training to the young population in order to reduce crimes in the communities,” he said.

Meanwhile Emma Meli Charles, the senior inspector for gender child and social welfare Yei River County confirms that since the beginning of the year there have been ten reported cases of rape in the county. Emma explains to the media that, “in the beginning of the year we registered ten cases of rape with the Yei town Payam and we have not yet compiled the cases from the rural areas because the county has five Payams as we are working hard in compiling some of the rape cases,” she explained.

She advised women to avoid fear when rape cases occurs in the community without stigma to reach the hospital and immediately swallow the medicine that prevents STIs in the body and my message to the women especially the young girls is that they should not fear and have stigma whenever rape case occurs accidentally.

We have centers being mentioned through radios providing drugs to people who are raped. When a women is raped she is advised to take medicine known as peps which can be swallowed immediately which can fight against infections of sexually transmitted diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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