Kitgwang accused of attacking civilians in Atar

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Atar Community of Pigi County in Jonglei State has accused the Kitgwang Agwelek forces of attacking the civilians and IDPs within Atar areas.

The IDPs are said to have resettled of recent after a long displacement by the war of 2013 and 2016, however the IDPs have been reportedly displaced once again after an alleged surprising attacked by the Agwelek forces.

The Head of the Agwelek Delegation in Juba, Paul Achot Achobek, however refuted the claims arguing that their forces haven’t gone that far and neither do they have any control within Jonglei State.

“We have no areas that we control in Jonglei State (Pigi County),” he declared.

“I am not aware about the attack and I am sure our forces did not go that far, I think you are aware of what happened in Adhiangdhiang two days ago and also in Tonga, Paa-kwaa and Angonjuok all these areas, they are our areas, they are under our control and they are on the western side of the Nile, so if you look you will see it’s ‘the two sides’ who actually come and attacked us and we are in depending position,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Information of Jonglei State stated that there are ongoing clashes within Pigi and adding that even Fangak County is also affected.

“It’s not the Pigi County alone that is in clashes, Fangak is also affected, but we will come up with the official communication, which will be shared with the Media soon,” he said.

A statement seen by No. 1 Citizens Daily Newspaper, written by Atar Community it stated that, “On 11th of September 2022, the SPLA-IO Agwelek faction surprisingly attacked and illegally reoccupied Atar-Nyintha (Atar School) and shot at the returnees IDPs and Refugees, who had resettled in Atar-Chuei some weeks ago after they returned to their places in accordance to the security arrangement chapter of the R-ARCSS,”

“Which requests for demilitarization of civilians’ faculties and allowing the smooth return of the IDPs and refugees to their original places which they were forced to leave during the war in 2013 and 2016,” reads part of the statement.

The Atar community in their statement called for an end to illegal occupation of Atar area in peace time and demanded for immediate withdrawal of all unauthorized forces, including the SPLA-IO Kitgwang Agwelek forces with warships from Atar area in Pigi County without fail.

 “We appeal to H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic and C- in-C of all unified forces and Jonglei State Government for deployment of the unified forces, to Pigi County to protect the IDPs and Refugees who have just returned to Pigi County, including Atar areas,” the statement urged.

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