Lawmaker limits tax collectors from seeing cash

The Chairperson for the Standing Specialized Committee designated for Information, John Agany Deng/ Courtesy photo

By Mary Poni

A lawmaker from the National Transitional Legislative Assembly has limited the tax collectors against seeing the physical cash in order to minimize corruption.

In a statement availed to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, John Agany Deng, the Chairperson for the Standing Specialized Committee for Information said there is need for the government to filtrate the dirty hands to the right position.

He said the money collected always falls in the dirty hands therefore there is need for a one source collection system in which the tax collectors have to only see invoice but not physical money.

“If a payment is made in the bank, the person has to come with a receipt before whatever kinds of items and if I were the one to be doing it, no officer will see physical money because there are hungry people when it comes to money and they will never inject to where the money is made to service the purpose,” he said.

Agany added that there is no government which is stupid to rule hungry people because anytime there will be quarrels which will call for civil disobedience.

“The officers collecting money should not get the physical money but should be issued a paper which is in form of an invoice. The only due a person should be paying through is the rule that will guide them to implement it accordingly,” he added.

He said that government has to harmonize the system of collecting taxes by some of the authorized institutions at least to minimize corruption.

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