Legislators, executives to pocket hefty cash

Picture showing South Sudanese Pounds banknotes

By William Madouk Garang      

Lawmakers and post holders holding public executive offices in Central Equatoria State (CES) will pocket hefty sum of money if emoluments and privileges of the constitutional post holders bill, 2022 is passed next week.

This comes after emoluments and privileges Bill 2022 was tabled before state assembly on Monday for scrutiny in its second reading, and was unanimously passed for third reading and final with amendments.

The draft bill is expected to address the MPs and executives benefits and allowances and saw basic payment adjusted from less than 2 percent to 70 percent.

The state constitutional post holders will enjoy outfit allowances of SSP 1,500,000, with three months’ salary annual stipends and five air tickets business class for each post holder.   

The Chairperson of Specialized Committee for Economy, Finance and Investment, Jacob Ladu Paul, who presented the emolument draft bill, said the remaining 30 percent will be distributed to various allowances.

Paul noted that the bill also provides for free medical treatment and car loan worth USD 25,000 each or equivalent in South Sudanese Pounds or SSP.

“Free medical treatment for him/her or his/her spouse and three (3) dependents within or outside the country worth lump sum of $25,000 annually, this privileges shall continue for three months after vacation of the post,” Paul stated.

“A loan for the purchase of a car by a member which shall be duty free customs, for use in respect of attending the business of the state Transitional Legislative Assembly (S-TLA) which shall be $25,000 or equivalent in SSP payable to a member during the term of S-TLA,” he continued.

The gross emolument for governor stands at SSP 1,200,000, which is the highest in Central Equatoria State.

The speaker of state assembly follows with SSP 1,100,000; this comes after MPs had a hot debate on who should be second in the state hierarchy between deputy governor and the Speaker in terms of protocol.

While deputy governor will pocket SSP 1,050,000, and deputy speaker’s payment is adjusted from SSP 950,000 to SSP 970,000.

Emolument draft also increased ministers’ remuneration from SSP 900,000 to SSP 950,000, yet county commissioners and mayors’ salary is demoted to SSP 750,000 from SSP 800,000.

Deputy Chairperson of specialized committee is adjusted from SSP 750,000 to SSP 800,000, meanwhile, members of parliament’s wages is adjusted to SSP 760,000 from SSP 650,000.

Chief whip will be receiving SSP 900,000; Chairperson of specialized committee will pocket SSP 850,000, and advisor will be receiving SSP 1,000,000.

For his part, Deputy Chairperson of Specialized Committee for Information at Assembly, Moris Andrea Lupe said the drafted bill is in accordance with laws, adding that it will be tabled to assembly again next week.

“The drafted bill is in accordance with state constitution of article 66 (1) and 116 of Central Equatoria Transitional Constitution, 2012 as amended, that granted the government of CES to legislate for regulation of emolument and privileges of constitutional post holders,”  Lupe told journalists after the sitting.

“After a thorough deliberation, finally the document is passed in totality with amendments in its second reading and the document will be presented to the august house again next week for final debate and passing of the document,” he added.

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