Chief of Defense Forces warns soldiers against division

By Ijoo Bosco – Torit

The Chief of Defense Forces Gen. Santino Deng Wol has directed the Military to stay away from politics and ethnic divisions.

General Santino was speaking during the graduation ceremony of 1,540 soldiers, members of the Unified Forces in Eastern Equatoria State capital, Torit on Monday.

“The Chief of Defense Forces will not condone any soldier involving in politics, rather than stay put in their constitutional bargain of defending the territorial integrity of the country, the constitution and its people,” the CDF cautioned the forces.

On his part, the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Majak Akec Malok called on the Forces to get ready to execute their duties as required by the law in a professional manner.

Top Military leaders appeals to the unified forces to remain committed to the ideals and work of the army.

The Minister of Interior Solomon Mahamud, called on the unified forces to cooperate with the civil population to lay a strong foundation of peace.

He said the forces will help in removing the illicit firearms in the hands of unauthorized persons.

Meanwhile the Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Rizik Zacharia Hassan said the newly graduated unified forces will act as a deterrent force that will defend the country, its people and their property and will help curtail violence.

With this new impetus, the Military Headquarters said the unification of the forces is one of the most visible and meaningful expressions of national unity.

The second batch of the Unified Forces will soon report to the training centers in Owinykibul of Magwi County to make a complete force of 83,000 as required by the peace deal.

For the people of Eastern Equatoria State, this graduation has ignited hope for peace and stability, Oduho Ronald, a resident of Torit described it as an opportunity to silence road robbery and continuous raiding across the state.

Ronald added that, he wished all the graduating forces in Torit should be left to manage the reoccurrences of conflict within the state since they know most of the corners of the criminal hideouts in Eastern Equatoria state.

“Most of those people who graduated today are sons and daughters of this state, I wish if they maybe allowed to manage the affairs of the insecurity in this state because they know most of the criminals in person and their hideouts,” Ronald appealed.

Over three thousand five hundred unified forces graduated in Torit with at least sixty-one people reported to have died in Owinykibul training center based in Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria state after three years of being in the training center.

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