Cabinet Minister slams UN over political discrimination and racism

Dr Martin Elia Lomuro, Minister of Cabinet Affairs/File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The National Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro has accused international organizations including the United Nations (UN) for political discrimination and racism saying that the Country’s achievement of peace to end conflict has been influenced by them through sanctions and arms embargo.

He was speaking during the commemoration of the World International Day of Peace marking an end to war and conflict across the globe.  

Addressing the event Dr. Lomuro said the racism and the political discrimination by the United Nations and the international community dictated the resolutions of the African Union towards resolving African problems.

“We have seen political discrimination and political racism which is embedded in many international organizations including the United Nations (UN). The achievement of peace in our Country ending ethnic discrimination and building peace and diversity in our Country is influenced by political racism in the UN where powerful Countries impose their will for the security council to take purity decisions to sanction our Country directly or indirectly laying arms embargo to the extend we revived our prison service, our fire brigade, our army to protect our nation and provide peace for our people,” he said.

The Cabinet Minister said multiple information against South Sudan and its leadership has reportedly been carried by some international organizations (NGOs) resulting into sanctions and arms embargo.

Dr. Lomuro called on the above mentioned bodies to respect the leadership and the decisions of the African Union (UN) in solving their problems with the spirit of Africanism.

“Some of this information is carried through NGOs that report on us including me who is sanctioned. That notion in the UN if they intend to be honest must end and respect the resolution of the African Union of lifting sanctions across the entire region and respect the leadership of the region calling on the UN to respect decisions taken by the leadership of the African Union of solving African problems with African solutions,” he echoed. 

He stressed the need for the UN Security Council to immediately lift the arms embargo against South Sudan to enable the army purchase arms for the protection of its citizens and their properties.

“South Sudan today is in peace but to build the peace, we need to enter peace on the ground. We need to cultivate and follow peace on the people of South Sudan in their villages to have police stations and take care of the physical security and the security of their properties. We need to have our army guarding our borders,” he hinted.

Dr. Lomuro emphasized that they cannot achieve peace when arms embargo is imposed on us.

“This day is fruitful and I call on all the UN agencies working in South Sudan including UNMISS and the TROIKA to take the message of the President that the embargo must be lifted in line with request of the African Union and IGAD group. Now you have seen us graduating our forces. Thousands of them graduated in front of everybody with sticks. Can somebody with stick see a civilian being stolen,” he reiterated.

He further called on the citizens of South Sudan to embark on peace and harmony to boost developmental activities in the Country.

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