Activist blasts politicians instigating inter-communal violence

By Mary Poni

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakana blames South Sudanese politicians for fueling people in to communal violence.

Edmund said South Sudan will never be in peace if the people of this nation don’t own it in their hearts.

He stressed that there will never be a real peace if the politicians don’t change their political attitudes from the past and pay the United Nations (UN) from the destiny that people need to reach where violence is not the option for resolving people’s differences.

“We are here to celebrate peace yet we are yearning for peace,” he cited, adding “the government should allow our sons and daughters in uniforms to do their work without any political influence.”

He said the United Nations general assembly meeting and the UN general secretary recently pledged to support the political transition in the Country.

The activist stated that the pledge will be real if the leaders can show political commitments. He cited that “in stirring the political commitments, it demonstrates to us that we can believe on the pending task of the revitalized agreement before the end of the transitional period.”

Yakani urged all the leaderships of the government of South Sudan at their honest capacities as political leaders hailing from various political parties that signed the revitalized peace agreement that a support is provided to the leadership of the unified forces to strongly deliver the pending task of the security arrangements.

“Can we ensure that the laws passed and pending in the parliament can’t be passed for implementation?” he asked, urging that before the members of parliament go for research, the pending laws should be passed so that the technics remains for our citizens at their various constituencies.

“We have seen the inter-communal violence happening and I would like to take this task to blame nobody for instigating people into communal violence but rather the political leaders with their political different colors,” he noted.

The CEPO’s executive director stated that for political interest, some of the politicians are influencing the citizens with communal violence in order to use communal violence as a ladder to climb political seat or in order to use communal violence to make an excuse for the change of combat leader.

“If you are there as a politician and you are using communal violence for your political games, therefore, as South Sudanese, I will take a full responsibility to ask God since we are in the rainy season to thunder your spirits and clear you from our society so that we live in peace and bring back the South Sudan we stood for in 1983,” the activist reiterated.

Yakani said they cannot be described neither by tribe nor political parties but rather to be described as one nationalist standing for the nation.

“Most of the leaders in the country were part of the war and when they were shooting the bullets, which bullet knows which tribe? He questioned. Adding many people struggled to raise the flag of this nation.

“I urge you all that the moment has come for us to change our spirits and tolerate political talents and never ever use violence as an option to resolve your political grievances,” he stated.

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