Citizens warned against instigating war

By Bida Elly David

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Peace Building has warned South Sudanese citizens against promoting violence and war through instigation urging them to avoid instigation by proclaiming the word of peace and unity.

He spoke during the global week of peace commemorated yearly by all countries to end discriminations, divisions and killings among people of one nation.

South Sudan has been undergoing numerous inter-communal violence that left many dead and others displaced. Number of these tragedies has been transpiring through instigations by some people who were victims to the calamities.

The Country was impeded by long term civil wars between conflicting parties that made citizens to flee the Country seeking for refugee influenced with starvation and medical complications.

In several occasions, negotiations and mediations have been made to settle long term disputes among many communities in the country.

Speaking to the media this week, Pia Philip Michael the undersecretary in the Ministry of Peace Building said instigating war and retaliation by some individuals has contributed to more division and hatred among communities leaving people to keep grudges within themselves.

He said leaving in peace with one another was one way to create a conducive and sustainable environment for all thus creating development in various sectors of the Country.

He further called on every citizen carrying arms against their fellow countrymen to refrain and embark on activities that would unite people and create an environment of forgiveness.

“As citizens of this beloved Country, we should stop beating the drums of war and focus on creating peace among us. Everyone around the world is requested to put guns down for twenty-four hours at least to give peace a chance for public and social fabric of co-existence in diversity.”

At the same note, he urged the citizens to observe the International Peace Day and promote total social cohesion through non-violence activities since the Country has been expecting for long term peace after battling years of suffering and pain.

However, Pia also called on the Country’s political leadership to advocate for peace by engaging community leaders.

“My message to the leaders there is that they should abide by the 2018 peace accord and implement the revitalized peace agreement to ensure total peace in the Country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Organization recently called on parliamentarians to take peace of the citizens as a priority.

He said that the on-going inter communal and political violence in the Country was as a result of lack of seriousness by parliamentarians in giving much pressure to the executive and the army.

Yakani, also called on the citizens to embark on peace activities and put their differences aside for the creation of better society for all.   

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