The silent killings must stop

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The ongoing silent killing in South Sudan is something that is not good because it may lead the country to genocide one day. Up to date, there are still clashes ongoing across the country, more especially in the Upper Nile state. It is a serious issue that the government needs to handle amicably. It appears like a targeted killing is happening now in some parts of the country and sometimes innocent people are being killed just because people are struggling for power. Why should there be clashes after several agreements have been signed such as the Khartoum agreement that joined the SPLM-1O under the leadership of Kitgwang to the government.  I don’t understand what exactly is happening after several agreements have been signed.   

Authorities at the countryside should be answerable for these heinous killings in Upper Nile State since they are quiet about the incidents meaning they are part and parcel of the crimes against humanity, more especially the state governors. What are they doing to stop the demise of fellow humans while the principal parties are equally silent, what does that mean?  Just the other day, an innocent lady was murdered in cold blood by a soldier belonging to the SSPDF on 5th Sept, 2022 who was allegedly ordered by the deputy governor in the state. Where is the country going to yet this government currently is trusted? Politicians should play their games diplomatically for peace to flourish. The killing is not only happening in Malakal but Bentiu another hotspot where a medical doctor was gunned down while on duty in a healthy Centre, what habit is this country portraying? Who will take care of the patients in the hospital, it is really sad to hear all these.

Our smart politicians always refer such acts as inter-communal violence or tribalism but if you see the guns they are holding, they represent the country and also some are in uniforms of the army in the country. Do not take away the trust of the Citizens in your leadership. The Principal parties to the peace roadmap should wake up on the issue of the Upper Nile and some areas that are facing the same incidences before Citizens raise their voices. A politician is not supposed to struggle for power until old age, but to become an advisor to the young ones instead of using the youth for their personal interest. You are struggling for power yet your citizens who went for refuge in foreign countries want peace to prevail in South Sudan.  

All those who are behind the killings must be accountable for the crimes they have committed in Upper Nile state and in other parts across the country because this is no longer a struggle for power but a struggle to kill innocent civilians, which means the security is very poor in the country.

I condemn in the strongest terms possible the atrocities happening across South Sudan and I appeal to the leadership of the President of the republic to take actions against the killers in the country and to dismiss the bad leaders to regain the trust of the citizens.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there! 

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