Gov’t urged to complete pending tasks within extended period

By Mary Poni

The chairperson of ceasefire monitoring body CTSAMVM has urged the Reconstituted Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) to quickly implement the remaining tasks of the transitional period within the extended period in order to give democratic elections a chance.

The chairperson of the Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) Lt. Gen. Asrat Denero Amad made the statement during the CTSAMVM board meeting in Juba yesterday.  

Gen. Denero also urged the Joint Defense Board (JDB) to provide the detailed report of phase one of the graduation days, locations, number of the national unified forces across the country while the joint transitional security committee (JTSC) has been requested to provide details of phase two training plans including the designated cantonment and training centers.

The CTSAMVM chair stated that the tension between antagonistic parties in Unity and Upper Nile States have reduced to some extent.

However, he noted that CTSAMVM remains concern about the recent tension in Upper Nile region following reported clashes between SSPDF alien with Kit-Gwang, Agwelek forces and SPLM/A-IO.

Gen. Asrat Denero said the incidents had caused death and a large displacement of civilians and the continued report of the inter-communal violence triggering large scale displacement of civilians in Warrap and Unity States respectively saying this indicate serious insecurity and a big concern to CTSAMVM.

“In particular, CTSAMVM is concerned about the extra Judicial execution of three people who were allegedly involved in killing of the Mayom commissioner,” he said.

“We appeal to SSPDF to investigate the matter and hold the perpetrators responsible in the Country,” he added.

The CTSAMVM chairperson also expressed concerns about the continued occupation of Mir Mir, Liang and Jekou cantonment sites in Unity and Upper Nile states respectively by SSPDF and or its affiliates.

He noted that the cantonment sites were designated for SPLM/A-IO and therefore, CTSAMVM is appealing to SSPDF to withdraw and allow SPLM/A-IO to re-occupy their areas.

He retreated that CTSAMVM will continue to conduct its monitoring verification and reporting mandate while reporting to IGAD, and R-JEMC.

Gen. Denero underscored that at the moment CTSAMVM is more reliant on joint intergraded air transport with UNMISS and is developing better coordination mechanisms to ensure that monitoring and investigations are sustained.

He said since the last board meeting, the peace process has achieved a number of milestones that include the witnessing of the national graduation of phase one of the necessary unified forces which took place on the 30th of August the year.

“It was a great milestone towards the progress of the implementation of tasks under the security agreement. A total of 22,345 forces were graduated in Juba from the training centers of Gorom, Rambur, Lologo, Muni and Dr. John Garang Memorial College,” he affirmed.

“The graduation of the national unified forces created hope among the forces and the citizens of South Sudan that indeed the parties are committed to the implementation of the peace agreement,” he stated.

On 1st of September, the R-JEMC had and extra ordinarily plenary sessions where numbers voted and endorsed the extension of the transitional period for 24 months as agreed by the parties’ signatories in the roadmap that was launched on the 4th august 2022 by the R-TGoNU.

CTSAMVM said it is important to note that with this development, once the amendment is ratified by the transitional national legislative assembly, the transitional period will end on 22 Feb 2025.

The status of permanent ceasefire is significantly holding in most states of the Republic of South Sudan with an exception of inter-communal violence in Jonglei, Upper Nile, Eastern Equatoria states, according to the ceasefire monitoring body CTSAMVM.

There are however reported incidents of violence perpetrated by suspected elements of National Salvation Front (NAS) in Mundri County of Western Equatoria and Yei/Lainya counties in Central Equatoria State.

“Our sectors and monitoring and verification teams (MVTs) are conducting several investigation tasks in regards to the above mentioned incidents,” the CTSAMV chair, Gen. Asarat Denero disclosed.    

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