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Kiir heartens household farmers to part take in agriculture

By Taban Henry

President Salva Kiir Maryardit is calling on the household farmers to engage in serious agricultural activities to improve livelihoods.

The President made the appeal to the local farmers on Saturday during an inspection visit to his vast stretches of maize and rice plantation in Luri payam west of the capital Juba.

Kiir ventured into farming during some of his free time mostly on weekends as an example to lead and encourage people to engage in agricultural activities in order to collectively improve food security in the country.

In a statement posted on the President’s official Facebook page, Kiir encouraged every household farmer to engage in agriculture and other productive activities in order to collectively improve the livelihood of the people.

He appreciated those that responded to his call and are using some of their free time to engage in cultivation and other productive activities, something he advised every individual South Sudanese to embark on during free time especially the working class.

“This is the rice plantation; some plantations are ready for harvest. If every household across the country does this, we would have sufficient food, and we would not be complaining of food shortage and hunger. I encourage every household to do something productive and innovative for themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile the Executive Director in the office of the President James Deng Wol said the people of South Sudan are blessed with a very fertile land that doesn’t need fertilizers for productivity.

He emphasized that the president is encouraging every household to take up tools and carryout subsistence farming for personal consumption.

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