Archbishop Yugusuk condemns rumors of Holy Communion poisoning

By Mary Poni

The Archbishop of Central Equatoria State Internal Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) Dr. Paul PitiaYugusukhas refuted reports circulating on social media about Christians being poisoned one month ago at the Episcopal church of South Sudan in Gabat Parish, Juba.

Dr. Yugusuk countered the rumors of Christians being poisoned by Holy Communion while he was in Lainya County during a Sunday service as reported by the Press secretary in the Office of Lainya County Commissioner.

He said that the rumors circulating on social media about the incident which happened a month ago at the church is not true.

“I condemn this rumors and I want to assure the Christians that this is unrealistic information, what happened was a small mistake and it was not about poison, but rather a mistake of using contaminated water,” he cited.

He said that those who called for the removal of the religious leader in relation to the incident are not allowed.

“We are still respecting him as servant of God meanwhile he is under discipline because of that small mistake,” said Dr. Yugusuk.

He instead advised the faithful to examine their faith before serving the holy table so that they will not make the same mistake again.

The Retired Bishop of Wonduruba Diocese also condemned the act and said “let’s be committed to our duties to rebuild our broken walls (Lainya) like what Nehemiah did in Jerusalem, (Nehemiah 1:1-10).”

“If you are called to serve whether in political position, community or in church, know that you are there for purpose, stop misleading people with unrealistic information or destroying your people and your land,” said the retired bishop during Sunday service.

Bishop Mathew retreated that following the incident that happened in Gabat parish one month ago, the rumors circulated everywhere that the pastor in charge of Gabat parish poisoned the Christians with Holy Communion, which isn’t true.

He hinted that because of that rumors and the small mistake that happened, many people have got mistrust to that particular church.

He added that the Holy Father also promised to start building nice church jointly with the Christians of Gabat parish and is calling for interested persons to support the construction of the house of God.

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