SPLM-IO denies claims of allocating positions on clan lineage

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLM-IO) has denounced claims by one of its members the party allocates political posts to its cadres based on clan lineage.

An anonymous source yesterday revealed that Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) nominate candidates or Ministers to their respective position based on tribe and clan lineage.

“In SPLM-IO, positions are divided or for instance in traditional way because IO is not like SPLM-IG, in IO some positions can be divided on sub-clan community way,” the source disclosed.

However, the SPLM-IO deputy director of information and public relation and Dr Riek Machar’s acting Press secretary Puok Both Baluang refuted the claims saying “We (SPLM-IO) don’t distribute positions based on a tribe or clan but we only respect diversity of South Sudan… within the movement,”

Baluang told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, that SPLM-IO Political bureau and the Chairman of the Party are the only two bodies allowed by their constitution within the SPLM-IO to nominate a candidate to hold a constitutional post holder position.

“There are two bodies that nominate any person to hold a position, for instance…. Political bureau of the SPLM-IO which is the second highest body after the national convention…they sit and discuss the nomination of any position and also the Chairman of the Party have the right to nominate a person for a position –that is also in our constitution,” he explained.

Balaung added that SPLM-IO is a national Movement, and they are a Democratic Party … “we believe in equality of all the South Sudanese, the SPLM-IO is a national Movement that the all tribes are in it, we believe in regional Politics,” he reiterated.

Earlier on some SPLM-IO party members who defected and joined other SPLM party had then accused the SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar of monopolizing the party with his family accusing him of nominating his family members to take up high positions in the unity government.

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