Five perish in community aggression

By Yien Gattuor Mead 

On Sunday afternoon, in the outskirt of Bentiu town, youth from ChiengKuoth and Chiengyar clan clashed in an inter-communal fighting which left five people dead.

A source who chose anonymity narrated to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper what triggered the communal clashes that claimed the five lives.

The source said, a woman who was robbed by unknown men opened court case against Chiengyar youth, suspecting them to be behind her robbery. When court the summoned the Accused, and after fair hearing, the court acquitted Chiengyar. Hearing that they’re exonerated, Chiengyar member slapped the husband of the accuser who hails from ChiengKuoth, which let to skirmishes but the Court managed to tackle the dispute.

“The next day, when news reached home, young guys from Chiengkuoth decided to launch a retaliatory attack which resulted to killing of five youth from both sides of the conflict,” the source told this paper.

When asked about what the government is up to on this deadly fight, the source said, there is no action seen to have been taken by the government as the commissioner who is the head of security in the county is enjoying Bentiu without taking proper measures to curb the issue.

 “Our commissioner is nowhere to be seen when problem arises,” he lamented adding “He is always seen on demand of blood compensation.”

However the Commissioner of Guit County, Kaway Chany where the two antagonistic clans hail from also confirmed the incident to this reporter saying it happened on Sunday afternoon in Guit County of Unity State.

He said the issue is not about stealing property of civilians in Guit County, Unity State saying the problem was started in July this year when a young lady was impregnated by one of the guys within Guit County and he was to pay the demands. 

The Commissioner noted that the security is now calm in the areas assuring residents that nothing will happen again.

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