GPOC hands medical, school stuffs to Unity state

By Bida Elly David

The Unity State Government has received medical and educational supplies from the Greater Pioneer Operating Company (GPOC) in an effort to raise the quality of local facilities.

Unity State Governor, Dr. Joseph Manytuil, received the equipment at the State Coordination Office in Juba yesterday.

Recently, the government through the national Ministry of Petroleum had conducted a conference of gas and power management and how it could be improved to boost economic development in the country.

Most stakeholders during the conference raised several concerns to the existing petroleum companies to extend support to most affected states across the country.

The smile put on the faces of the citizens in Unity State was reportedly driven from the commitment manifested by the management of GPOC and the government at large.

The medical supplies include hospital beds, medications, lab supplies, and other necessities while the educational supplies include textbooks, pens, rulers, and other supplies.

During the handover ceremony, State Governor Dr. Manytuil expressed his gratitude and acknowledged GPOC’s contribution, noting that the most recent gift will enhance the state’s healthcare system.

According to him, the hospitals have consistently seen a high volume of patients turn up since the area residents returned after the alarming disasters driven from the local flooding in the State.

“I am extremely grateful and sincerely acknowledge you (GPOC) that you are always caring in assisting the community in numerous domains, notably the load of hospitals that has been increasing daily due to the return of people in the area,” Manytuil emphasized.

He urged the company to carry on and give more support to the communities in the area.

The Governor also reaffirmed the State government’s dedication to collaborating with businesses to ensure that communities receive high-quality services.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anyak Mangar Akok, the manager of GPOC’s community development and cooperative affairs, said it is their duty to see to it that the corporation upholds its social obligation in the state.

He stated that the educational supplies will be distributed by the state authority to the schools that require immediate assistance while the medical equipment will specifically go directly to the Mayom County Hospital.

“We are thankful to hand over the number of hospital and school materials to the Mayom county and Unity state which among includes medicines, hospital beds, and other useful equipment to help the communities in the area,” Dr. Akok stated.

Although he did not make it clear how many things were given to the state government, he said that there were thousands of them, some of which would be sent directly to the state by the GPOC.

He claimed that the corporation had previously made a comparable donation, adding they used to do so more than three times a year.

He reiterated their dedication to continue providing services to the nearby areas and other States affected with natural disasters across the Country.

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