Community dialogue to bridge gap between civilians and forces

By John Sylvester Timba

A community dialogue organized by Whitaker peace initiative yesterday drew fifty participants that comprise of all the security organs, community leaders, Youth, women and church representatives.

The dialogue aims to discuss the banning issues brought by mistrust between the army and the civilians.

Addressing the gathering on Thursday, the Mundri East County commissioner Margaret Fozia Emmanuel urged the Civilians to say out the banning issues without fear because the role of the Army is to create safe environment for civilians.

Meanwhile, one of the concerned citizens Garakwa Laruba (not real name) outlined that they fear soldiers because they threaten and force their daughters to get married to them without good marriage procedures, looting of their properties, torturing and other GBV related cases.

She also added that there is no freedom of speech and movement of the civilians.

“The soldiers of these days are not like the previous soldiers of 1983 because the previous army protected us if anything is happening but these ones of today are now working against us,” she said.

However, the pre- dialogue and dialogue agreed on three key areas, relocation of the Army Barracks outside the residents, any military found guilty of any crime should be brought to book, no illegal owning of fire arms by civilians.

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