Culvert partial collapse leaves UN car in the ditch

By Adia Jildo

A culvert in Hai Thoura Main Street has partially collapsed leaving a car belonging to the UN stuck in the gully with its left hand tyres almost submerged in water.

Hai Thoura road is one of the major roads linking the Buluk area and Hai Thoura to the University of Juba.

However, heavy downpour has devastated the important linkage culvert and some homes in the residence of Hai Thoura Monday morning.

The chairperson of Hai Thoura west quarter council, Mr. Stephen Simon Lemi and spokesperson of all quarter councils in the Hai Thoura however said the area was flooded due to dumping of waste at the streams hence forcing it to burst its bank.

He said the condition of the mini bridge has led to many accidents in recent years as temporary clearing and repair would be done to maintain its condition for usage.

“When it starts raining every year, this is what happens. The water gets its way on the bridge,” he said.

John Ponsiano Loro, the director of Juba block council also blamed the condition of the bridge on the residents stating that dumping of waste was the cause of the flooding.

“We have introduced ourselves to dumping rubbish into the streams, that’s what is blocking the water from flowing easily,” John cited.

He added that some people have also resorted to building culverts in front of their shops to make their business continue running without knowing its side effects.

“The bridge is not made properly, when water overflows, it brings garbage which blocks the culvert,” he said, “Those who built the drainages are the cause of the flooding”.

He called on the city authorities to intervene as the road is one of the busiest roads connecting the ministries complex and the University of Juba.

The Deputy Mayor for Infrastructural Development Thiik Thiik Mayardit said the flooding was caused due to the construction of houses on streams as the water gets its way out hence destroying property.

 “We have been saying to people not to build in the stream because it will cause problem, causing a lot of damages. You will make millions of people to have problems,” he said.

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