Ministers in Torit approves buying 10 vehicles

By Ijoo Bosco

The Eastern Equatoria state council of ministers held an extra ordinary sitting on Tuesday at the state house.

The meeting that was chaired by Governor Louis Lobong Lojore deliberated on the purchase of ten new vehicles to ease service delivery at the grassroots.

The state Minister of Information and Communication, Mr. Patrick Oting Cyprian told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the cars would be managed by the state governor, the transitional state assembly and some cluster units in the revitalized state government.

Mr. Oting explains that, out of the ten proposed vehicles, five would be used to ease Governor’s movements in and across the state.

He said “We as gov’t of Eastern Equatoria state deliberated that the governor on his disposal should have around ten vehicles but those ten vehicles and at least two of them have to go to parliament, the rest go to the service clusters like the governance and economic clusters.”

Minister Oting added that, they also deliberated intensively on the issue of the government Cars in category one and three; they also extended it for another sitting.

He noted that, the council has also directed two companies to return back a movable car in less than two months.

“The agenda of today was only based on the issue of government cars that were being maintained by two companies, category one and three have been adjourned due to some issues of concern, anyway those companies were told to bring the movable vehicles and hand them back to the state government as they take their percentages and a committee was formed headed by cabinet affairs minister to look into the issue of receiving the vehicles.”

Patrick Oting added that the council of ministers dissolved the previous committee and formed a new body to oversee the logging exercises in the state.

According to Oting, the dissolved committee was not active enough in mobilizing resources in the State.

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