University of Juba sweeps-off Arabic from being compulsory

By Bida Elly David

The senators of the University of Juba have on Tuesday pronounced Arabic language to be undertaken as an optional subject by first year students and laid a strategy to introduce French, Chinese and Swahili languages as additional optional languages.

The pronouncement was made during the University senate meeting number 222 on Tuesday attended by the vice chancellor of the University including the senators from various academic segments of the University.

University of Juba has been one of the leading public Universities in the Country that has been considering Arabic language a compulsory course Unit to all first years upon entry. Arabic language has been a compulsory course unit right before South Sudan declared independence from Sudan.

Despite being neglected by many students who emerged from English background, it has made many who intended to be exempted to build their communication and writing skills as tentative derivative.

Speaking during the event on Tuesday yesterday, John Akec the vice chancellor for the University of Juba reiterated their efforts to ensure speedy introduction of the other languages driven from Countries in bilateral ties with South Sudan.

He said that English Language would continue remaining a compulsory subject as far as academics is concerned.

“Arabic Language for first year-students will be optional and English remains a compulsory course unit in addition to the foreign languages which are Arabic, French or Kiswahili as well as Chinese. Arabic language was a compulsory subject for all first year students. However now, new students can choose Arabic, Chinese, and Kiswahili,” he said.

In his part, one of the lecturers in the department of linguistics and the head of the senate committee underscored that the Country has never experienced such new alterations neither the most public universities across the nation.

He said that this new system would enhance students to choose one of these languages as a mode of foreign communication.

According to one of the students at the University, he acknowledged the initiative taken by the senators sweeping off Arabic language being a threat to him right from high school and promised to take Swahili as best of his subject due to the background he had.

He said that most of the students have been raising difficulties they faced regarding their grades of the afore mentioned subject affecting their GPA to the lowest level.

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