Adil constitutes committee to review e-Tax system

By Taban Henry

Central Equatoria State governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony has on Wednesday constituted a committee to review the operationalization of the e-Tax system in the state.

This came after the central Equatoria State governor convened an expanded ministerial economic cluster meeting to listen to concerns related to the implementation of the e-Tax under the e-government system for the state government.

According to the statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper from the Governors official Facebook Page, after in-depth deliberation on the progress made and the challenges facing the implementation of the e-tax system, the meeting resolved and acknowledged that the e-Tax System has led to steady increment in the state revenues and took note of the challenges related to its roll-out.

“The state Revenue Authority to continue implementing the e-Tax system with the technical support from Modern Approach Company (MAC Ltd), the technology service provider for the e-Government. A Technical Committee under the Supervision of the state Minister of Trade and Industry is being formed by the MoU approved by the state Council of Ministers vide Resolution No. 79/2021 which specifically relate to the e-Tax System,” the statement read in part.

It underscores that the state minister of cabinet affairs who doubles as the Chairperson of the state Ministerial Committee on e-Government and the State Minister of Finance, Planning and Investment who is the chair of the Ministerial Economic Cluster and Deputy Chairperson of the e-Government Committee shall jointly update the state council of ministers and thereafter make statement in the Revitalized Transitional Legislative Assembly, Central Equatoria State on the Progress in the Implementation of the e-Government.

“Besides the members of the cluster, the meeting was attended by the state minister of cabinet Affairs who is the chairperson of the state ministerial committee on e-Government, Chairman of Board of Directors, Commissioner General and Technical Advisor of State Revenue Authority, Head of State Legal Administration and Public Prosecution Attorney and the Acting Director General of the State Ministry of Finance, Planning and Investment,” the statement added.

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