Makuei rubbishes US ‘travel advisory warning’

By Adia Jildo

The Minister of Information and government spokesperson, Michael Makuei Lueth has slammed the U.S Department of State for its travel advisory to South Sudan warning its citizens against travelling to Juba citing deteriorating security situation in the country.

On Wednesday, 5th October, the US government issued a travel advisory to South Sudan released on the website of the U.S Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs advising its citizens to reconsider travel to Juba.

“Do not travel to South Sudan due to crimes, kidnapping and armed conflict,” the advisory headlined.

However, government spokesperson, Michael Makuei in his reaction to the travel warning rubbished “the travel advisory” terming it false and a piece to harm the image of the country.

He said the country’s security situation is stable with the current graduation of the unified forces and another batch being taken in.

“The situation is normal, stable. We have graduated the forces and now taking in the second batch of the forces and there is nothing,” he continued.

“If they are talking about the alarming situation that is what is on their mind not on the ground. That is their wishful thinking,” Makuei blasted.

The information minister labelled the US as those “people who do not want to see South Sudan at peace.”

“So, whatever, even if they see two people fighting then they will say South Sudan is insecure. That’s their mentality because they do not want to report that South Sudan is secure but to ensure that South Sudan continues in crisis all the time,” he echoed.

Makuei said to the wishful thinkers’ disappointment, “there is nothing, peace is prevailing in South Sudan,”

The media advisory however claimed that the insecurity become alarming hence putting the foreigners at risk of car-jacking, violent crimes, ambushes, assaults, robberies and kidnapping allover the country, including its capital Juba.

“Armed conflict is ongoing and includes fighting between various political and ethnic groups. Weapons are readily available to the population. In addition, cattle raids occur throughout the country and often lead to violence,” the statement cautioned.

The US Department of State further gave restriction to the movement of the U.S personnel in South Sudan as well as using armored vehicles for nearly every movement and limiting official movement outside Juba.

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