Minister Mijak regrets poor road network

By Taban Henry

The National Minister of Roads and Bridges, Simon Mijok Mijak expressed regrets of poor roads connecting the country’s capital Juba to the rest of the states.

This came during the launch of the transport need assessment report for South Sudan on Wednesday which assessed South Sudan in terms of transport.

In a statement to the media after the launch, Minister Mijok apologized over the inconveniences of poor roads connectivity across the country.

“We have seen in May 2020, the road has been washed out by the heavy rain, yes, we are aware of what is happening to the road users and I must take an opportunity on behalf of the ministry, it is my duty to give the apology of that inconvenience it is not intended but the ministry is trying its best to intervene,” he said.

Mijok’s was reacting to the washing off of a section of the Juba-Terekeka-Rumbek Highway that was first poorly designed.

“This is a very critical season for the ministry of roads and bridges as we have been witnessing heavy rains and the country is located geographically in the valley. The volume of water comes from the highlands of Congo massively, the same from the highlands of Ethiopia and the great lakes region. It affects the roads asphalt, even the gravels roads,” he underlined.

The minister underscored that they have already started with Rumbek and Mvolo putting more equipment saying though they don’t have equipment at their disposal as a ministry but they work through contractors.

“The modalities for maintenance and rapid intervention is not there but we are trying through the road authority of South Sudan to get in more equipment for intervention”.

“The situation that is going on along Juba-Mundri, Maridi, Yambio road the same to Juba- Terekeka, Yirol, Rumbek from Rumbek to Wau is the same situation,” he noted.

The road and bridges minister stated that if they are to see massively most of their road transport connects from East Africa.

“That is the situation we are in but hopefully it will be cleared as you have seen the road have been launched for asphalt but the cash flow as you know our parliament was deliberating on the budget and on top there is insecurity,” he said “We have lost some road users and contractors along the road.”

Mijok appealed to the communities to also help the government in terms of security as for construction materials.

“We have challenges but I hope people are now beginning to understand as to why they have to contribute marram,” he said.

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