Official challenges women to stand against gender disparity

By James Innocent

Women in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State have been admonished to strive with men equally in the community by showing up talents of leadership.

The have been urged to feeling free and work without fear to avoid them from facing other challenges in the community during meetings, conferences and debate.

Yeka Joel, working for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) says women should take lead to compete with men in terms of leadership saying “women should come up, women should take lead, feel free, and they should compete with men by supporting each other in case they are identified with leadership skills.

We as CEPO ensure that women are given chance through backup so that they can be able to express themselves in the community freely as they have been given talent by God,” he said.

He mentioned that most women are not given opportunities to enroll in public places that’s why CEPO is advocating for the rights of women in the communities, “in the public places like the church, market and other public places, as CEPO we mainstream women responsibilities in the community because we think women are supposed to be empowered in the community because in other public sectors women are not given the role of being a manager and there are people who think if women are given high position they will not stand with their family responsibility,”  he mentioned.

Meanwhile Emma Meli Charles, the senior inspector for gender child and social welfare Yei River County pointed that women have a lot of challenges of being under looked in the community, adding that, “we have a lot of challenges facing us as women, one challenge is undermining the rights of women and even both men especially during the end of the year, there are a lot of challenges facing the women in the community and other families which may lead to undermining of one another,” he stated.

Emma advised women to have plans with their husbands to avoid misunderstanding in the community by sharing issues together and working together to cover the needs of the children so that children go to school and access better social services in the community that is through cooperation among men and women.

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