Community delays primary school construction in Mundri

By John Sylivestor Timba

Odo community in Mundri has held hostage the construction of a primary school in Mundri west of Western Equatoria State which would benefit people of Greater Mundri.

This was revealed during a meeting held in Mundri West County on Saturday. The Muslim representative in the county, Charles Sabit said Muslim community reached an agreement with Odo community to construct eight classrooms blocks, school latrines and fence as per the documents signed by Odo representative.

He however stated that there is no action taken as per the agreement signed as Odo community seemed to have no interest of development.

According to Sabit, the agreement is still valid saying documents which are signed cannot be withdrawn until the project is implemented successfully.

He furthermore added the major aim of constructing the primary School in Mundri is for the benefit of communities in greater Mundri. He called for immediate removal of the person who’s delaying the construction of school arguing this is against the development in the community.

“Today I want to tell Odo community members to sit down and replace the person because community things belong to them not to be delayed because it is not an individual thing,” sebit said.

Meanwhile the Odo representative Mrs. Mill Gabriel regretted the delay of the project on behalf of Odo community in Mundri.

Meanwhile, Mundri West County Commissioner Zilipha Dawa Justin urged the people of her county to join hands together to bring development into community of greater Mundri.

She stressed that development meant for the community is development, it doesn’t matter whether its brought by a Muslim or Christian.

Commissioner Dawa further advised the communities of greater Mundri to allocate pieces of land ready for any investor that will come with developmental activities.

“I am asking all community members who have enough land spaces to be ready because it’s time for development,” she appealed.

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