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Education experts urge girls to be committed to learning  

By Bida Elly David

Education experts have called on young girls in education institutions to commit themselves to learn amid continuous changes that the world is undergoing to enable them abstain from dependency.

This development came during the welcoming ceremony of first year students at Juba Secondary School recently accompanied by special session with girls.

Addressing students during the event, George Kenyi, an education expert and the head teacher of Juba Day secondary school called on the students especially the girls to prioritize learning as one of the key pillars to safeguard them from employment opportunities.

He said this following continuous drop out of girls from education caused by number of factors driven from political, cultural and economic aspects.

“The world of today is changing to the next level. Learning at your generation requires many efforts since most people after completion of their academic level dream of getting better jobs or employment. You need to prioritize education as one of the key elements to obtain your success,” he said.

He further stated that the advantage of acquiring a University Certificate or any other document would enhance women to support their husbands upon catering for the needs of their children.

“My daughters, going to school will enable you and your husbands to jointly work towards supporting your children and your families. It will also be your protector in case of any domestic issues that would result into divorce and misunderstanding,” he underscored.

Kenyi also hinted that being learned would make you to gain respect and adoration from the public and your community at large.

He applauded the male students for being courageous amid standing for their sisters and urged them to focus academically and avoid drug abuse that would ruin their destiny as well as distract their focus in learning.

“I need you my sons to value your education and stop drinking, smoking and theft that will stand against your future plans. Read hard to help your families and the community where you emerged from,”

“If you are a learned person, the Country, your community and your family will give you the respect you deserve,’’ he said

On his part, James Lado, the head master of Rejaf Secondary School advised the senior one students to critically adopt Secondary school culture and avoid primary lifestyle to boost their thinking capacity.

At the same note, he thanked the administration of Juba Day Secondary school for having stood firm with the organizing committee for the success of the occasion.

He reiterated that the students should focus much on extra curricula activities as a mechanism to top up the academic knowledge for better performance.

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