Government hunts culprits behind boda-boda scuffle

By Taban Henry

Central Equatoria State authorities have pledged to apprehend culprits behind the boda-boda row in Juba including the chairperson of the abolished boda-boda association over the recent security threat that led to the death one person.

The assurance by state authorities to bring the culprits to book came during an extraordinary cabinet meeting held in the state secretariat chaired by the deputy governor of Central Equatoria State.

The state cabinet extraordinary meeting was convened amid threats of insecurity that caused fear and panic to citizens after the boda-boda riders stormed and burnt the boda-boda association office to ashes after one of their members was shot and later died last week.

The death of the innocent youth prompted the state authorities to ban the boda-boda association in the capital Juba through an order issued by minister of local government and law enforcement.

Last week, a boda-boda rider was shot and wounded in Juba after an internal fist fight with one of the civilians leaving him with serious injury in the stomach.

Addressing the media after an extraordinary Council of Ministers meeting, Adruga Mabe Severino, State Minister of information said that state government is looking for the culprits and the chairperson of the banned boda-boda association Abraham Jok to bring them to book.

“The state government has decided to ban the boda-boda association and is looking forward for the culprits to be brought to book. We are in search of Abraham Jok to bring him to the court of law to answer charges in relation to all the insecurity brought up by his association,” he said. 

The state information minister stressed that the state government has banned the existence of the boda-boda association which was headed by Abraham Jok to exist in the state.

“The pending boda-boda association which was headed by Abraham Jok, has been bringing issues of insecurity, chaos and commotion in the society mainly in the city of Juba which even brought issues of death in relation to this causing panic to the innocent civilians,” he added.

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