Mayor Allah-Jabu bans operations of unauthorized traditional courts

By Taban Tom Henry

The Mayor of Juba City Council has issued a local order banning the operation of unauthorized traditional authority court operating in the jurisdictions of the city council.

In an order issued on Tuesday the Juba City Mayor Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu ordered for the closure of all unauthorized traditional authority courts operating at the jurisdiction of Juba City Council in Central Equatoria State

“This is a local order issued for the closure of all unauthorized traditional authority courts operating in the jurisdiction of Juba City Council under Jonglei State (BOR) in the garden area (M’TC) along the Bank of River Nile area, Mangaten, 107 area, Khor – Wollyang and other areas within Juba City Council-CES Juba,” the order read in part.

The city mayor stated that order was meant for closure and prohibition of conduct of any traditional authority courts within the jurisdiction of Juba City Council which is under the Local Government System.

He said Juba City Council is defined as an Urban Council (section 16 of the Local Government Act, 2009) and Section 19 (5) of the same provides that, there shall be no Customary Bench Courts at the Municipal or City Council levels.

Mayor Allah-Jabu lamented that based on the above understanding, operations of any customary law courts under an urban setting becomes unlawful.

“Government Act, 2009. In Urban settings such as Juba City Council. All responsible and reliable citizens of Juba City Council knowledgeable of operations of traditional authority are to ensure the environment in which they operate shall conveniently be the county settings and not Juba City Council” it noted.

“However, in the event that need arises for traditional authorities from other States and Counties to conduct business in Juba City Council, consultations and permission from authorities of TOKIMAN ‘B’ Court at Kator Block Council shall be sought without which no function shall be allowed,” it added.

The order further stated that any event of violation of this Local Order, defaulters shall be stringently penalized according to the applicable laws of South Sudan.

It stated that those responsible for operations of Traditional Authority Courts in Juba City Council are ordered to remove their facilities and materials from the site of operation adding that demolition shall be effected seven days after issuance of this order.

The mayor said the order is applicable to all other areas within the Block Councils of Juba City Council that’s (Juba, Kator and Munuki) Administrative units and law enforcement agencies.

Sector commanders in the jurisdiction of JCC have been directed to ensure this local order is fully implemented in letter and spirit.

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