Cabinet approves over $900,000 for judicial reforms

By Bida Elly David

The Council of Ministers has on Friday approved over nine hundred thousand United States dollars (900,000$) as an amount to facilitate the activities of the Judicial reform committee as well as gearing their task.

On the 28-July-2022, the government of South Sudan inaugurated an ad hoc Judicial Reform Committee (JRC) tasked with reviewing relevant laws, render advice on judicial reforms and restructuring the judiciary to enhance its effectiveness.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Michael Makuei Lueth, the national minister of information as well as the government’s spokesperson said the approved money was meant to run the duties and responsibilities of the committee to ensure easy and speedy completion of their task.

He said that the cabinet officially approved the committee alongside its two chairs and mandated them to start exercising their duties as soon as they receive the money from the finance ministry.

 “The cabinet listened to a presentation from Justice Ruben Madol, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on the establishment of the judicial reform committee that was in accordance with provisions of chapter one article 1.17 of the agreement. This committee was proposed and today the cabinet approved the membership of the committee which comprised of two heads, who are foreigners from IGAD where one from Kenya and the other from Uganda. The other ten members are South Sudanese from different parties to the agreement,” he said.

He said that the money approved was only meant for South Sudanese members who shall undertake their duties effectively while the payment of the foreigners within the committee shall be facilitated by the international community.

 “The cabinet has approved the sum of 999,380$ dollars being incentives for the period of the work to the South Sudanese who will be there. It is the international community which will be paying for the expenses of the foreigners. For the nationals, the government of South Sudan has to bear of course. The Minister of Finance is directed to pay that amount accordingly,” he said.

Minister Makuei also added that the committee also consists of legal bodies such as judges, advocates and legal tribunals who shall subordinate them in undertaking technical areas which require analysis.

 “The committee also included secretariat which comprises of judges, advocates and legal councils from the Ministry of Justice. They will help the committee in the performance of its functions and duties. This presentation was approved and adopted and the membership of the Judicial Reform committee (JRC) was approved,” he said.

Besides, Minister Makuei also underscored that some parts of the Country are still affected by much flood leaving many people at the stage of suffering and desperation.

He added that the cabinet approved 10,000$ United States dollars for emergency response to the affected people and underscored that the finance ministry was directed to immediately release the money on Monday for speedy retort.

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