Governor Futuyo bans political gatherings

By William Madouk Garang

Western Equatoria State authority has issued a stern order banning what it termed ‘illegal’ political gathering by politicians in the residential areas without permission from the national security office.

In a state order, the governor Alfred Futuyo barred politicians from holding ‘illegal’ meetings in residential areas, citing that anyone who defies the order will risk arrest without concern to individual’s immunity.

“This order may be cited as site order No. 15/2022 for banning illegal meetings being held by the politicians in the residential areas without permission from the National Security Office and shall come into force upon the date of its signature,” partly read the order.

“Any politician who contravenes this order will be arrested without due consideration to his/her immunity,” the order added.

In a separate order, the governor directed organized forces to start carrying out day and night patrol in Yambio town in order to curb insecurity in Western Equatoria State capital.

“This order may be cited as state order No: 16/2022 for all the organized forces to patrol Yambio town and its outskirts day and night to curb any source of insecurity and shall come into force upon the date of its signature,” the order partly reads.

On his part, Press secretary in the office of the governor, Alex Daniel Digi said latest political development in the state has prompted the governor to put order in place to quell that pressure.

Digi noted that according to the governor, the order would ensure tranquility across the state following last year’s rampant insecurity that threatened the lives of citizens.

Recently, there was a political fallout between deputy governor for WES; Dr. Kennedy Ganiko and the governor Gen. Futuyo, they accused the governor of ‘malpractices’, and announced their ‘indefinite withdrawal from active participation in government affairs.’

In what seems to be political parties’ clatters, Dr. Ganiko, who is from SPLM-IG, said the decision was involving all parties signatory to the agreement, and he claimed that the governor has not paid members of the state parliament for the last five months.

But, the leaders of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) in Western Equatoria State distanced themselves from a decision where their colleagues from other parties withdrew their participation in the state government.

Press statement written by five members of SSOA, among them Eddy Ukele said: “SSOA has not contributed in whatsoever to the content of the press release.”

However, governor Futuyo who is from SPLM-IO refuted and downplayed the claims that smudged his administration with ‘mismanagement’ and cutting 30 percent of civil servants’ wages.

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