Rediscovering the corruptible relation of man and lion

By Malek Arol Dhieu
The evolution of man forgets about his blood relation to lion, but the tradition best talks about it openly. I have a genuine reason why I exhume this decayed relation.
When you meet your typical man in kingdomship or presidency, it is as if you have met your typical lion in the forest kingdomship. The way your King of the forest shares forest resources is exactly the same way your King or president shares human resources.
The tradition roots out the relation of man to lion in a story that says however hungrier a lion becomes, it can never eat a monkey/gorilla or chimpanzee, but if it happens that things are totally hard that the only resort is to eat a monkey, then it can never let any animal or human being who finds it eating a monkey go.

This is because a lion says that I cannot be found eating my own cousin and I let a person go. If a lion is related to a monkey, and a monkey is related to a man, then they are all related. This narration arrives me at the core reason I sacrifice to dig out this faded relation. It is because of corruption. Corruption originates from lions, our cousins, and from there, a man incorporated it in his life.
A lion chased a buffalo for nearly an hour and after killing it, it went to nearby bush to take rest while watching at its dead prey in case of uninvited cannibal animals or human beings. A hunter accidentally saw a buffalo lying dead and encroached to skin it, thinking that his luck has done a great deal today.
While skinning it, a lion drew closer and told the hunter to divide the meat into 3 portions, one big, another bigger and the biggest portion, after skinning it. That time, the animals used to speak like human beings. The hunter did it as the king pleased. Then the lion began to share the portions as follows; the biggest portion is for the king of the forest, the bigger portion is for the one who chased the buffalo and the big portion should just stay here in that whoever wants it, we shall face ourselves.

The king of the forest is the lion, the one who chased the buffalo is the lion and the strongest one to win that face-to-face fight is the lion. Things became hard in the hand of the hunter, not even a piece of meat is given to him. The hunter looked at it and understood that there would be something stupid to arise if he even asked for the skin and horns of the buffalo, so he took his spear and went his way home. This is the origin of the lion’s share.

In relation to our situation, our human kings and presidents of the world share exactly the same way as if they go to lions for advice. Not only that, but the lion has also been ruling the forest since creation without even allowing gender equality to lioness to taste how bitter or sweet is the responsibility of the forest. Is this not what men are doing to women? Whether or not I am true, princesses never succeed kings but only princes do. We share and refuse in power like lions. Corruption and dictatorship are the key figures of backwardness.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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