Security committee pronounces calm amid criminal activities

By Bida Elly David

The Central Equatoria State security committee review has reiterated that the security situation in the state is generally calm and normal as unnecessary cases of human kidnapping and as well pilferages have condensed.

This development was made after the State’s extra ordinary meeting was held covering deliberations on number of security threats and other issues such as human kidnapping and pilferages that have been impeding the State especially in Juba City.

Recently, criminal activities such as human kidnapping, rapes, robbery and random formation of group of gangs have threatened lives of many citizens in Central Equatoria State especially Juba as many people were kidnapped, ladies underwent rape, shops broken, residents faced door to door night door knocks.

Due to these alarming tragedies, Central Equatoria State formed a security committee headed by the governor to carry an assessment which would guide the leadership to execute their decisions as solutions from the findings.

Despite the recent integrated forces which consisted of the States security organs, the city council and Juba County, criminal activities never ceased as random beatings and other calamites remained the order of the day until the committee was formed.

In a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the Minister of Peace Building, Francis Gerald who presented the resolution of the meeting said that the state is now peaceful and called on the people across the state to be alert and report any case to the nearby authority.

He said that the police authority has been directed to seriously take security measures against anyone who shall be found causing security threats to the public and the nation.

The mayor of Juba city Council has been directed to resolve land grabbing issues with immediate effect to mitigate problems.

“Review on the General security situation across the State is relatively calm and peaceful and we urged the general Public to be vigilant and report to the law enforcement agencies on any arising security situation”.

The resolution directed Juba City Council to continue handling the land grabbing issues within the city. It directs law enforcement agencies in Juba city council and Yei River County to drastically deal with the criminal gangs with full force of the law,” he said.

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