Adil pleads church to engage holdout groups into dialogue

By Bida Elly David

The governor of Central Equatoria State has called on the church leaders to use best of their powers to engage holdout groups to lay down arms taken against the government and commit to peaceful dialogue for the betterment of the citizens in the State.

This development came following a meeting between the governor of Central Equatoria State and Archbishop Dr. Paul Benjamin of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Central Equatoria State internal province.

Central Equatoria State among other states over the past years have been battled by number of tragedies as intercommunal violence, highway attacks by holdout groups remained trending leaving many souls perished and others displaced while ample population remained in the state of serious starvation with high desperation of humanitarian assistance.

Despite several trials by the government to engage the holdout groups for talks, none of them accepted to respond on dialogues of any kind as insecurity intensified and many people remained threatened.

In a statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the meeting was basically centered on wide issues ranging from the church as neutral body and how they could join efforts in consolidating Government’s efforts on sustainable peace, dialogue and reconciliation.

Governor Emmanuel further appealed to the church leaders to continue using their respective positions of influence by re-engaging the holdout groups who are still beating up drums of war to denounce violence and join the wagon of peace through the already created Rome peace initiative as the only remedy to end the suffering of the citizens across the State.

The Governor commended the pivoted role that the Episcopal Church played through its services for humanity on numerous humanitarian interventions aimed at salvaging the suffering of the innocent civilians.

Adil reiterated his Government’s political will to work hand in hand with the church while discharging its mandate.

He also called on the citizens to remain committed in their commercial services and other activities to enable them sustain themselves in one way or the other.

Speaking to the Media after the meeting, Archbishop Dr. Paul Benjamin hailed Governor Emmanuel for his recent engagement with the diaspora Community and encouraged him to continue tapping into their potential expertise in various fields to advancing robust developmental plans.

He also reassured their comprehensive commitment as the Episcopal Church to continue with their pastoral engagements with the internally displaced and Refugees through propagation of peace messages and gospel of Christ to the masses aimed at instilling trust and confidence as basis for immediate return.

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