City Council imposes ‘fines’ on waste disposers

By William Madouk Garang

Juba City Council has issued an order unleashing fines to be imposed on residents and business owners who litter empty plastic bottles or dump waste along streets and in front of houses and shops.

Mayor of Juba City Council, Micheal Lado Allah-Jabu banned with immediate effect disposal of garbage along streets as well as in front of businesses and residencies by citizens and traders.

“I Micheal Lado Allah-Jabu, do hereby issue this local order for the total ban of littering plastic bottles, regulation and control of unorganized waste disposal, and ban of accumulating garbage and dumping along streets  and in the middle of main roads and in front of shops and residencies,”  the order partially read.

“All citizens are advised to use garbage bins provided by the waste management and disposal company – East Africa Go-Green for proper and orderly disposal of all forms of waste,” it continued.

According to local order dated September 13, 2022, any trader, institution or company found in process of littering trash along road, shall be arrested and fined with 200,000 South Sudanese pounds.

It added that individuals hired to ferry garbage and dumped it in unauthorized locations if found will be penalized   with 50,000 SSP, or imprisonment not exceeding two months or both.

Any household member apprehended shall be fined with 10,000 SSP, or imprisonment for term not exceeding one month or both.  

It further said, business owners that allow litter of bottles and any form of waste in front of their shops shall be detained and charged with 20,000 SSP or face imprisonment for a term not exceeding two weeks or both.

Allah-Jabu warned owners of restaurants and tea places against pouring waste water on tarmac or Marram roads or they will be fined with 50,000 SSP or closure of the place, or be sentenced for two months.  

He also advised traders who built temporary bridge or water ways causing diversion to water passage to remove it instantly, asserting that failure to comply may result to imposing 50,000 SSP or closure of business, or imprisonment for two months and fine.  

According to the directive; washing cars along main and neighbouring tarmac or Marram roads is prohibited, if found fine will be 50,000 SSP or the washing machine will be confiscated, or sentenced for two months.  

The order also directed department of environment to ensure close inspection and timely collection of waste in designated locations in accordance to the plan, and that to keep Juba City clean in its entire corners.

On Monday, the City Council embarked on enlightening the populace through an outdoor advertising using a sound system mounted on a car announcing to Juba residents about the mayor’s local order banning littering in the city.

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