Two dead one injured in separate road accidents

By Alex Digi

At least two people have died and another injured in two separate road accidents in Yambio of Western Equatoria State this week.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the acting director of traffic Police in Yambio Col. Morris Bakura confirmed the death of the two people from two separate road accidents.

He said one of the deceased had a terrible accident in the morning and died meanwhile the other incident that involved two people on a rider, and one passenger left the rider dead and the passenger survived.

“There was an accident which happened yesterday (Monday) between Rangu and Yambio, someone riding bike at high speed, fell and died at spot, also there was an accident which happened at late evening one carrying his brother coming from Nzara to Yambio and they fell” he narrated.

 The rider who carried his brother from Nzara has been identified as James Clement who also died but the passenger survived with injuries.

According to the Col. Bakura, the causes of the two motor accidents was due to the influence of alcohol and overspending.

The Traffic Police urged every motorcycle owner to register their motorbike and ensure that they ride at a moderate speed in town to avoid accidents.

“For sure humans have mentality of not listening, even if you tell them not to drink they still drink, I said people should come for registration of their bikes and all the requirement of the traffic they will not come, when they drink they don’t control themselves and cause accident like the person who fell alone and died” Col Bakura said.

“We have no record of his name in traffic book because he didn’t fulfil traffic requirements unless we ask the relative” the traffic police director in Yambio said.

 “We are telling them that if you are within the town don’t over speed, there are limited level of speed in town which is from 40 kilometre per hour to 50 kilometres per hour unless you are far from town you can go at the higher speed” he lamented.

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