Activist pushes AU to question parties against roadmap deadlock

Bida Elly David

A civil society activist has called on African Union to question the parties to the agreement against delaying most of the major provisions in the accord that would have speeded up the implementation of the agreement since the duration of the roadmap is on high gear.

This development came following the up-coming visit of the African Union minister of foreign Affairs into the Country to assess the status of the agreement.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Edmund Yakani, the executive director for the community empowerment for progress organization reiterated need for the African Union to question the leadership on delays for the graduation of the remaining unified forces in the States.

He also underscored the need for the African Union (AU) leadership to meet other stakeholders to the agreement such as the civil society, the youth and the persons with disability for collection of views regarding the status of the agreement.

“So, as a stakeholder and a civil society within the revitalized peace agreement, I have a serious concern to bring into the attention of the visiting minister of foreign affairs from African Union Adhoc committee member States” Yakani said.

“After meeting with the parties, they should meet with other stakeholders such as the civil society, the youth, persons with disabilities to hear their voices and concerns around the political transition of the Country from violence to peace” he added.

The visiting AU delegation are going be meeting the parties specifically the principals in terms of the president, the first vice presidents and other vice presidents.

Yakani said the AU delegation should ask about the status of the reconstitution of the national constitutional review, the political party council, reconstitution of the national election commission since the tasks on the roadmap have already expired.

The activist blamed the leadership of the parliament for having delayed the enactment of the major provisions that would have been accomplished to push the parties to the next level of the provisions and urged the union to question them.

“They should also ask the leadership of the national legislative assembly to speed up the enactment of the national constitutional making bill which is currently hanging in the parliament, the political party council act hanging and an urgent passage of the national election commission act which has already been passed by the Council of ministers. These legislations are very important in the political transition in the County’’ he echoed.

Yakani however, demand explanation from the African Union amid the agreement they made with the government for the establishment of the hybrid court in the Country that remained pending based on reasons known to them.

“African Union per the provisions of the revitalized peace agreement was tasked to help IGAD and the parties to implement the chapter five of the agreement which is the transitional justice”.

The activist said they are aware that there is a deadlock and lack of clarity between the AU and the government of South Sudan on the establishment of the hybrid court in the Republic of South Sudan.

“So AU needs to make explanation why they are delaying their roles to ensure that the hybrid court is established. They should also push the parties to enact the legislations on the establishment of the commission for truth, healing and reconciliation” he added. 

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