Ministry attains education items, auto-mobiles for inspection

By Bida Elly David

Central Equatoria State Minister of general education and instructions said they have procured a number of scholastic materials and auto-mobile ready to be distributed to all the schools across the six counties of the State.

He disclosed this during his meeting with the governor of Central Equatoria State on the current education status in the State and how crucial they would use these materials as tools to promote education to the next level.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Cirisio Zachariah Befo, the State minister of general education and instructions who failed to identify the scholastic materials said that they have already shortlisted the education materials for distribution through education centers in the six Counties.

He said that each county shall have one education and examination centers for easy accessibility and underscored that the ministry has already dispatched Four (4) vehicles, Eight (8) motorcycles and one hundred and twenty (120) trained teachers as far now to all the six counties to improve the education sector.

The State Minister of General Education briefed Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony Tuesday morning in the state government secretariat on the general Status of education across the State, as relatively improved with huge enrollment registered following the State Government leadership resolution to improve the salaries of all teachers across the State.

“The ministry of education has shortlisted the education materials and now pending distribution to the various schools in the 6 counties of Central Equatoria state. We are doing our job based on the financial budget plan for the teachers because the salaries have met the expectations of the teachers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Amule Sosthense, the director general in the state ministry of general education pointed out that the initiative carried was one of the ways to claim back the government teachers who deserted public schools due to low remuneration.

He underscored that the ministry had clear hope that the seventy percent teachers who left for private schools and organizations would make a U-turn back for their positions and continue with their duties.

He said that when the items are distributed to all the schools in the Counties, there will be serious improvement in the education sector where all learners shall be joyous.

“The 70% of the teachers who had gone away to other professions and private schools are back to public schools and we believe that the outcome of the results this year or next year will be good,”

“We are very grateful with the support of the governor. We were able to solicit auto mobiles right from the headquarters here upto the Counties. These auto mobiles will be used for inspection and supervision of schools. The education materials shall be for teachers and the kids as well,” he said.

Meanwhile, Governor Emanuel Adil, reassured the education ministry of his commitment to support them in creating conducive teaching and learning environment so as to improve general performance in the education sector.

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