Over 82,100 displaced, snake bites kill 10 in Mayom

Deserted house submerged in flood water in Unity State (Photo: Yien Gattuor)

By Yien Gattuor Mead Kuich

Authorities in Mayom County of Unity state have released a report stating that at least 22,100 households constituting 82,300 people have been displaced by flood from 11 Payams of the county due continuous flood since September this year.

The local authorities also reported that snake bites had killed ten people in Mayom County.

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) county coordinator Peter Kur Deng told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that, over 82,300 individuals have been displaced from Ngop, Wangkey, Wangbuor, Bieh, Riah, Mankien, payams  and are now camped at high grounds in Mayom (town) and other areas.

“Many flood displaced people are in Mayom within the County while others have gone to the only highlands in Mankien payam and Mayom County for displaced people when there is a disaster like this,” he said.

According to Kur, an assessment was carried out to map the most affected areas and that the displaced communities are in urgent need of humanitarian aid in Mayom County.

“Since May our people didn’t receive food from Humanitarian aid they are facing hunger,” he said.

“There are also 30 cases of snake bites and water born disease being recorded since September, flood affected communities are suffering and nobody is concerned about it also there are cases of increasing malaria, diarrhea which is mostly among children and the elderly in the county,” he stressed  

One of the displaced persons in Mayom County, Nyakuma Riak Koang told this paper that, “we didn’t receive any Humanitarian aid since May up to date and I’m requesting the Agency to support us in this serious situation.”

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