Mad man kills Sudanese trader in Nzara

By Alex Digi

A psychologically sick man has killed a Sudanese trader and injured another in Nzara County of Western Equatoria State on Wednesday.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Friday, the Commissioner of Nzara County Richard Zizi confirmed the incident and said the perpetrator has been arrested and the law will take its cause.

Zizi conveyed his condolences to the family of the deceased Sudanese businessman, and appealed to them to be calm for justice to prevail over the case.

He eulogized the trader killed as humble person whose services offered are not only for the sake of profit but also help the community to get the commodities they need.

“It was Yesterday (Wednesday) around 1:30 pm, I received the call from my security personnel that there was an incident in Market place whereby a certain man named Zaiko Patrick who is mentally sick went with a Panga to the market place and started hunting and cutting people and he cut the head of Mr. Mohamed Abudallarahaman known by the name Muhamed Sapsap, after taking him to hospital for a moment he died,” said Zizi.

“Mohamed Sapsap is a Sudanese from Darfur, the other person he cut was Adam and he is now under treatment in the Hospital.

Efforts to reach the relatives and the Chairperson of Darfur community in Western Equatoria State were not immediately successful by press time.

According to the Commissioner, this is the second time for this mad-man to kill a person; he said the first one was some years back where he killed his blood brother.

“First, we have to say, we pass our condolences to them (Sudanese) for the loss of our big trader here in Nzara, it was an isolated case, it is not that they are targeting them, it is because of this person has mental problems, we’re deeply sorry,” commissioner Zizi said.

“Mohamed Sapsap has been very beneficial, he has been serving us, his serving does not mean only getting money, but he is serving us also the community members, some of the commodities we are unable to get he was able to provide it for us and he has good relationship with Nzara communities,” he eulogized the late trader.

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