President Kiir summons Governor Futuyo and Deputy to Juba

By Taban Tom Henry

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has summoned the Western Equatoria State governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba and his Deputy Dr. Kennedy Gaaniko to Juba over the recent political chaos in the State.

The summon was disclosed during a meeting held between President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the United States Ambassador to South Sudan, Michael J. Adler.

The meeting aimed at discussing the issue of subnational communal violence in the country and the bilateral relations between South Sudan and the United States.

Some weeks ago, the Western Equatoria State Deputy governor Dr. Kennedy Gaaniko led a group of some politicians and declared in a press conference that the SPLM along with other three peace partners in the State were boycotting the leadership of Western Equatoria State governor Alfred Futuyo.

He alleged that ‘incompetent’ leadership of Governor Alfred Futuyo was the main reason for their boycott, claiming that the unlawful indefinite suspension of State Council of Ministers meeting was another reason.

“We the members of the SPLM/IG, SSOA, OPP, and FDs in the Executive, state Parliament, Independent Commissions and the County Commissioners do here by declare to the public our decision to withdraw our active participation from Western Equatoria State government,” he told reporters.

Dr. Gaaniko accused the governor of indefinitely suspending the Council of Ministers’ meeting “without any clear administrative and legal reasons” and claimed that the governor “does not follow the government established system to administer state affairs.”

He also alleged that governor Futuyo deducted civil servants’ salaries in the State by at least 30% while claiming that the governor has not paid members of the state parliament for at least five months.

In a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the head of state said he has called the Western Equatoria State governor and his deputy to report to Juba to shed more light to the current political situation in the state.

“The presidency has also called on the governor of Western Equatoria State and his Deputy Governor to report to Juba for a meeting about the current situation in Western Equatoria,” a statement posted on the President’s official Facebook page read.

Kiir assured the US Ambassador that the government of South Sudan has taken serious steps on finding peaceful solutions for the current subnational violence in parts of the country.

He further explained that the government has already dispatched security forces to the areas of communal conflicts, to stabilize the security situation in those areas.

The government said it has also sent prominent intellectuals and elders hailing from those areas to initiate peace dialogue and reconciliation so that the communities can peacefully co-exist.

“On the matters regarding the states, the President expressed how he has recalled the governor of Unity State, Joseph Manytuil to report back to Juba”.

The Unity State leader has been recalled to Juba for the purpose of verifying the fact that were found by the investigation committee as a result of the situation that happened in Mayom County that led to extra judicial killing following the killing of the commissioner of Mayom County.

President Salva Kiir expressed his sincere appreciation for the support of the United States of America rendered to the people of South Sudan.

Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba/Courtesy

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