“Resign or be removed,” councilors tell Aweil youth leader

The purported dismissed chairperson of Aweil Youth Union, Abech Aleu Ring (Photo courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

Councilors of Aweil Youth Union in Juba have asked the Chairperson of the Union, Secretary General and Secretary for finance to resign or be removed; this is according to the resolution of the Union’s council.

This came after the council of AYU passed vote of no-confidence on Saturday against chairlady Ms. Abech Aleu, Secretary-General, Mr. Garang Athian and Mr. Akot Yuot the Secretary for finance over alleged gross corruption and violation of union constitution.

“The council passed a vote of no confidence on the chairperson, Secretary General and Secretary for Finance as stipulated in article 19 (1) of the constitution of Aweil Youth Union in Juba and asked the chairperson, Secretary General and Secretary for Finance to resign or be removed,” Statement partly reads.

“The chairperson, Secretary General and Secretary for Finance whom vote of no confidence is passed against must within 72 hours surrender the assets of the union. In event that they failed to surrender the assets, the union will have no option but to follow the constitution and legal procedures,” it added.

The councilors then reinstated the Deputy Chairperson of the Union Mr. Mario Dhieu Malek who earlier resigned and tasked him to lead the Union as acting chairperson till upcoming meeting.

Union’s speaker, Adel Garang Kuol said during the presentation of the financial report the council was chocked to learnt and notice with great concern project being undertaken in violation of Article 18 (6).

He continued “the council agreed to the formation of investigation committee as required by article 18 (6) of the constitution of the Aweil Youth Union in Juba to investigate the chairperson, Secretary General and Secretary for Finance and publish its findings within 14 working days.”

“However, contrary to article 27 (70), at the behest of the chairperson, Secretary General an extraordinary executive meeting was unconstitutionally called less than 24 hours, this resolved that the three executive members should not comply with the investigation committee,” he asserted.

The statement further accused the three executives of gross corruption and a violation of article 8 C 1 & 4 of the constitution of AYU that calls for integrity and openness, and accountability as well as article 8 C 2 (iii) & (Vii).

“The council also learnt with dismay, the action portrayed by Secretary General and Chairperson by editing the constitution of the AYU in Juba, 2021 by omitting article 18 (6) in which the council has powers to form an investigation committee in case there is any disagreement among member of the executive committee,” he claimed.

Out of Twenty-three members of the youth council, 18 voted for the removal of the chairperson and only two voted against the motion while three members abstained from the voting.

However, when contacted for comments, the purported dismissed chairperson, Ms. Abech Aleu Ring told this reporter that she was in a meeting and would reply later.

When contacted again, Ms. Ring said she will reply when she’s ready and threaten that if anything is written against her without her view, she will take a legal case.

On March 2022, youth from Northern Bahr el Ghazal State in Juba elected the first ever female leader Ms. Abech Aleu as the chairperson of Aweil Youth Union in Juba through a competitive democratic exercise.

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