Aweil Youth Union rubbishes removal of leaders

Chairperson of Aweil Youth Union, Abech Aleu Ring (Photo courtesy)

By Bida Elly David

The leadership of Aweil Youth Union has dismissed and rubbished social media rumors concerning the removal of their chairperson, the secretary general and the finance secretary saying that the act was unconstitutional and illegal in totality.

This week, the Councilors of Aweil Youth Union in Juba asked the Chairperson of the Union, Secretary General and Secretary for finance to resign or be removed.

This came after the council of AYU passed vote of no-confidence on Saturday against chairlady Ms. Abech Aleu, Secretary-General, Mr. Garang Athian and Mr. Akot Yuot the Secretary for finance over alleged gross corruption and violation of the union constitution.

In a statement extended to No.1Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the secretariat of the Union termed what happened as an attempt by some members of the Council who deliberately wanted to cause crisis within the Union.

“What happened yesterday was an attempt by some members of the council who wanted to sit at South Sudan hotel Buluk to conspire and engineer crisis in our beloved Aweil youth Union in Juba,”

The union said the few who attempted to sit were advised by the security to leave the hall on grounds that they didn’t take security clearance for the meeting.

 “The few who attempted to sit were advised by the security to leave the hall on the grounds that they didn’t take security permission for the meeting as usually done,” it stated.

They said that the violation of the constitution and the security ethics culminated to brief arrest and detention of the members but later were released to maintain the reputation of the Union as well as a way to boost peace among members of the Union.

The statement stated that the violation of the constitution and security ethics was unethical thus calling on the Councilors to use an affirmative procedures in case of grievances on the ground.

The testimonial reiterated that few members within the council dictated and wrote a removal letter of the leaders without proper justification replacing them with acting body until the issue is resolved.

“The public should be aware of these councilors who took illegal move of removing leaders without due processes as stipulated in the Constitution,” it warned.

“Few people cannot take decisions of the whole body of councilors which is composed of 45 members. The few members wrote their unlawful letter for the removal of the chairperson, secretary general and the secretary of finance later on after they were released. Thereafter they were replaced by executive leaders with their deputies as acting leaders until general assembly meeting is convened and further decisions taken,” it added. 

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