Parliament ratifies embattled Constitutional making process Bill

By Gladys Kole/ Taban Tom Henry

The constitutional making process bill which was passed in absence of the main opposition SPLM-IO lawmakers in parliament was ratified by the assembly yesterday after the President ordered for it to be re-tabled to incorporate ideas of the opposition MPs.

In June 2022, the SPLM-IO lawmakers boycotted sittings in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly after disagreement over the political parties Act, 2012 Amendment Bill 2022 citing lack of consensus and contravention of the peace agreement during the passing of the Act.

Addressing the media after an ordinary sitting, the Chairperson for the Standing Specialized Committee for Information John Agany Deng said that the national legislative assembly managed to pass the constitutional making process bill.

“One of the Bills which was causing a lot of discussions, the Bill was first passed after the members of the SPLM-IO quit the assembly sittings but the national legislative assembly under Rt. Hon. Speaker Jemma Nunu kumba has managed to pass this bill. It was re-tabled in the third and final stage”.

Agany said the peace partners in the national assembly who had had row over the passing of some bills have finally reached consensus on the permanent constitutional making process bill that was passed when SPLM-IO MPs boycotted sittings but the President later ordered for reintroduction of the bill.

The President’s orders came following the resolution of the standoff between the ruling majority SPLM lawmakers and the main opposition SPLM-IO legislators in the peace parliament leading to the call-off of the boycott.

 “Congratulations to the national legislative assembly for passing this important bill which has been called for by the agreement and it is one of the Bills that will prepare the nation of South Sudan to have a working constitution which is a permanent constitution.”

The constitutional making process bill is one of the important Bills that will invite the grassroots to participate in the important constitution making process,”

The information committee chairperson affirmed to the citizens that the bill has been passed and now they are remaining with the wildlife conservation bill which will be re-tabled this coming Wednesday.

The wildlife service conservation bill is the second bill that was passed by the parliament during the boycott of SPLM-IO parliamentary caucus prompting it reintroduction to the floor of parliament to include the IO lawmakers’ inputs.

“I hope by the fact that we have reached consensus with our SPLM-IO members the same process will be taking place and we will be able to pass it into the law that we need.”

“We are no more quarreling, it has been put into end and the bill has now been passed into an act and I think President Salva Kiir will sign it into law very soon,” Agany added.

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